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  • Lunedì - Sabato: dalle 8:30 alle 21:00
  • Domenica: dalle 9:00 alle 20:00
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Monoprix: Lunedì - Sabato: dalle 08:30 alle 21:00 / Domenica: dalle 09:00 alle 20:00
Pharmacie : Lunedì - Sabato: dalle 09:00 alle 20:30  

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  • Indirizzo
  • Avenue Eugène Donadeï
  • 06700, Saint-Laurent-Du-Var
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Telefono+33 4 93 31 10 35



Kasanova+, the new way of buying.

Kasanova+ is the concept store for the Kasanova brand, offering a new form of shopping no longer based on value for money but on the customer experience. In our new stores, our customers perceive the true utility of the products on sale through practical demonstrations and ironic descriptions of individual products.

Visiting a Kasanova+ store means spending a little of your free time in a quiet, relaxing environment where you can discover all the objects that could make your home life easier and more pleasant. In the immediate future, Kasanova+ is going to become even more interactive.