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AUDIO 2000

AUDIO 2000

AUDIO 2000 is a network of independent state-qualified audioprosthesists spread throughout France in more than 200 centers. Their mission? To help you preserve or recover your hearing well-being on a daily basis and that of your family.

To do this, AUDIO 2000 hearing aid practitioners are committed to accompanying you throughout your treatment. A completely personalized care that goes through several steps: hearing assessment, choice of the best adapted hearing aid, test, adjustments, maintenance...

These hearing health experts offer you a wide range of hearing aids (BTEs, earphones, in-the-ear devices) that will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of understanding and interacting with others, as well as anti-noise and anti-water protections to preserve your hearing capital on a daily basis.

Hearing prevention is an integral part of the AUDIO 2000 audioprosthesist's job. Moreover, the company regularly organizes awareness campaigns for the general public as well as for employees in companies.