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NEGOZI: da lunedì a sabato dalle 10.00 alle 20.30 e domenica dalle 11.00 alle 19.00.

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dal lunedì al sabato dalle 8.30 alle 21.00 e la domenica dalle 9.00 alle 20.00. 


Dal lunedì al sabato, dalle 9.00 alle 20.00.

Nord > da lunedì a domenica dalle 5 alle 2 di notte
Sud > da lunedì a sabato dalle 6.30 alle 2 e domenica/festivi dalle 8 alle 2.

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CORSO Bar e punti ristoro Gelaterie e pasticcerie


MOTIKO- a dessert as a philosophy...

Our Mochi is a frozen dessert, made of 100% rice flour.


Rice is one of the most consumed cereals in the world, due to its nutritional and gastronomic properties.

Mochi - is a gluten-free dessert, which contains few calories and has a reduced base of protein and fat.

Maybe you prefer something sweet? Or sour? Or even both? We tried to invent different tastes of Mochi, so that everyone could find their favorite.


The delicious toppings inside each piece of Mochi bring indisputable nutritional value to this dessert.

By creating Mochi, we do not add any ingredients of animal origin, which is why it is 100% vegan. It took us years to find the perfect balance between the texture and thickness of the dough on our desserts. It is elastic but is not hard and melts gently in the mouth. It is neither too thick nor too thin and is soft like velvet or rose petals.

And the taste... We use our special cream for Mochi. It is not an ice cream, nor a soufflé, nor a foam.


We dreamed of creating something special while maintaining the ancient traditions of Japanese cuisine.


Finally, we did it - our authentic Mochi cream. That is something else. When combined with our dough and ingredients, it is a perfect balance.