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  • Lunedì - Sabato: dalle 8:30 alle 21:00
  • Domenica: dalle 9:00 alle 20:00
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Monoprix: Lunedì - Sabato: dalle 08:30 alle 21:00 / Domenica: dalle 09:00 alle 20:00
Pharmacie : Lunedì - Sabato: dalle 09:00 alle 20:30  

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  • Indirizzo
  • Avenue Eugène Donadeï
  • 06700, Saint-Laurent-Du-Var
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Telefono+33 4 93 31 10 35

Rice Street

Bar e punti ristoro

Rice Street

Rice Street is the atmosphere of an Asian street food market, night and day, with a selection of fusion dishes, combining authenticity and creation. 
The concept
This new kiosk concept uses the same culinary know-how of Panasia Restaurant, but on a ready-to-eat model. The products are presented in self-service refrigerated display cases, turned to the customers. Drinks are made to order: bubble tea, fruit juice minutes, from a large cocktail console. The environment will take up the markers of Asian street food. The kiosk is in close proximity to the existing restaurant, which ensures that the food is made with a "home-made" quality.


Download the menu here: Dish / Drinks

See you at Place d'Azur on level 1!